Welcome to an overview of the Back from the Dead Cemetery Walk, an evangelization drama to teach the faith in the cemetery.


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St. Gianna Molla Video

Here is a sample of the St. Gianna Molla video:

The video is the full length script of St. Gianna Molla as portrayed by VERONICA MESSIER.


Thank You 2015

Thank you to all who made this year's "Back From The Dead Cemetery Walk" in Emmitsburg, MD such a memorable experience.  A special thank you to all at the Seton Shrine for hosting the Walk and to the hard work of so many at Mount St. Mary's and the extended community.

EWTN-Life on the Rock 2015

Fr Brian Nolan was invited to return to EWTN's Life on the Rock program to share updates on the "Back From the Dead" Cemetery Walk.

EWTN and Life On the Rock are on YouTube! Watch the Life On the Rock 10/30/2015 Episode with Fr. Brian Nolan from 2015

Fr. Brian Nolan and Actors Nathaniel Guest and Veronica Messier presented information on the "Back From the Dead Cemetery Walk:" an engaging evangelization drama that teaches the about the Communion of Saints, the Three Great Virtues and death.


Most Rev. Archbishop William Lori, Archbishiop of Baltimore, has given his Imprimatur for the Back From the Dead Cemetery Walk material.  Msgr. Steven P. Rohlfs, Rector of Mount St. Mary's Seminary has given his nihil obstat for the material.