"Events like these are helpful because many people in our modern world have tuned out the conventional ways of learning. Through this interactive way of learning, they can feel it, they can experience it, they can see it. It touches them on a deeper level of their heart and when that happens, God can do amazing things.”
"It reminded people of the reality that life is short and that there is an afterlife and that we need to be thinking of that. In this busy, busy world, we oftentimes overlook that."
"It really grounds you into your faith and what you do while you're alive will determine your outcome and getting to heaven."
"It was much more uplifting than I thought it was going to be. It was very interesting to hear all their stories."
"You have this image that's been conjured up that Halloween is all about scaring and death and this was about life. And the joy of a life well lived."
"I thought a walk through a Cemetery would be...mind-boggling, terrifying, but it was really peaceful. It opened my mind -- and kind of my heart, too -- to accepting death as a concept that really isn't death, but new life."
"I really didn't know what to expect. But I was inspired by the beautiful stories -- I realized I didn't know very much about the saints that were presented."
"It's about looking inside yourself and that's sometimes scarier than walking through a Cemetery"
“It’s like everyone in the cemetery is a mirror showing us the face of God.”
“The Cemetery Walk is a good adventure and a look inside yourself.”
“A beautiful walk on a dark night through the cemetery with many thought reflecting stops. The characters came to life.”
“It was very powerful and moving. I felt as though I was really listening to the saints speaking from Heaven. Loved it!!”
“This “Walk” is good for what ails the soul. A blessed experience that filled me with joy and hope.”
“Beautiful! It is a true spiritual awakening.”
“Amazing! God will speak to your heart! It does make you think past yourself and this life!”
“I have been to many “Haunted Woods” rides and never have I left any of them feeling as touched and transformed as I did tonight.”
“If you want to have your faith set on fire, come to the Back from the Dead Cemetery Walk. You’ll leave a different person!”
"A beautiful way to see and remember the saints. Every turn was a surprise."
"An incredible moving experience. It brought the saints to life while offering the essence of each one’s message about God and how best we can serve Him."
"They [the Cemetery Walks] were truly well done and deeply moving. I had no idea how much was involved and how professionally done the performances were to be. This would be a tremendous catechesis on the Last Things for any youth or parish group. It truly is one of the best things I've seen in many years."
-- Msgr. Steven Rohlfs - Rector of Mount St. Mary's Seminary
"We have baptized the haunted house and made it into a catechetical tool young people can get excited about."
"Thought provoking; as youth ministers it gives us lots to talk about with our kids."
"One of the best evangelization tools I've ever witnessed."