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Lifetime Membership Subscription to the Back From the Dead Cemetery Walk.

A subscription will give you access to sections of the website with the Scripts for the characters, Directors notes, publicity suggestions, etc.

BFTD Lifetime Membership
$75 USD

(ecommerce via PayPal through Doug Jackson Productions.
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Doug Jackson Productions is handling the ecommerce for BFTD/Kolbe-Clare Productions.  All Subscription payments made through PayPal will be applied to BFTD/Kolbe-Clare Productions.

If you would like to purchase your subscription offline, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. us.


We think the website should be useful for all members of a team preparing a "Back From the Dead" Cemetery walk.  So, if you are an organizer and subscribe to the website, have your team members create accounts (or create them yourself for your users by using their email addresses*) at the BFTD website. Then let us know the username and/or email addresses and we will enable Subscriber status for your team. Then when your team members log in, they will have access to the scripts and notes so that they can study for your presentation.

*They will receive an email requiring them to activate their account. If you use this method, you should encourage them to change their account password the first time they log in.